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Moskitos is the software vendor of Crosscut®, integration and governance platform for Data and APIs to modernize your information system.


Moskitos is a rapidly expanding company on the iPaas, API Management and data/application/IOT integration market. Moskitos customers prize Crosscut’s cloud characteristics, quality of service, ease of use and functionality. Garner identifies Moskitos among the 20 most performing vendors on the worldwide iPaas market.

Why Crosscut®

Schéma crosscut

Crosscut®, the new generation Data Platform, is the keystone between the needs of businesses for transformation and innovation and the existing constraints.

Moskitos is the only European publisher to provide a comprehensive enterprise platform that can expose, orchestrate and supervise APIs and data within the extended information system. Crosscut® gives companies the means to connect applications, devices, IoT, Cloud services and B2B partners by quickly deploying a secure platform that is easy to implement and learn. Companies can then focus on what is really important: innovation in their enterprise process management, the relationship with consumers and their products and services offers. Crosscut® is an agile platform hosted entirely in the Cloud that enables you to have the first data flows up and running within 6 weeks.

Crosscut® meets 3 major challenges :

  • Organize the hybrid IS
  • Organizing the Cloud
  • Become a platform company


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The trophy will be presented at an evening during the Cloud Week on Monday, July 3 at the Maison de la Chimie
In allowing partners, customers and suppliers to connect to the data, business services and processes, the API consists of a universal way to open its information system.
With the iPaas of Moskitos and CA Technologies API Management platform, L'Oréal Recherche et Innovation has modernized its architecture and invented "Connected Cosmetics" based on connected objects, mobile apps and augmented reality. Interview de Jean-Claude Lhote, l'Oréal - LE MAG IT
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