ADDEV Presentation

Founded in 2006, ADDEV Materials is a medium size privately owned company, with 500 employees, in 20 sites around the world, and sales of 110 M€. ADDEV Materials combines expertise in advanced materials (tapes, films, adhesives and chemicals) and converting knowledge to enhance the industrial and supply chain performance of their customers.As a partner of choice of world-class manufacturers, with the strength of their market knowledge, they design customized value-added solutions to satisfy their customers technical challenges.

Goals & Results

The initial objective of the project was simple: being able to take over the application data flows (customer, product, sales order & invoice) handle by a soon-to-be outdated solution.

The main challenge lied in the lack of documentation and knowledge around the technical and functional aspects of the current solution. Moreover, the hybrid environment gathering up-to-date technologies (Rest API etc.) with more mature ones (flat file) had to be taken into account.

The key steps were the ability to understand, reverse engineer, rebuild and improve the data flows within the Crosscut® iPaaS. In order to do that, a cross skills team has been deployed with both technical and functional knowledge. Tight relationships and clear communication were essential to carry on the project to the end.

The challenge was to turn into production in less than 2 months!


Beside the need to replace the current integration solution due to support and maintenance issues, Addev was aiming at:

–        Improve the overall quality of data exchange between X3 ERP & CRM Dynamics365

–        Improve the user confidence in the solution and the IT Teams thru better agility & better innovation capabilities

–        Build a strong data integration basis to support the future projects.

If ADDEV took Crosscut®, it is not only to make simple flows by connecting X3 and CRMs; this is just the first step. With this platform, ADDEV has the challenge of having a very unified IT system.

Crosscut platform offers also the possibility to add new components while keeping a 360° vision and in an omni-channel logic. For example, by integrating new ERP systems in order to allow external growth; by launching a customer portal or by interconnecting the Akaneo’s PIM.

ADDEV has partially taken the digital turn and will now be able to accelerate all its projects. So, there is a real need to prepare for the omni-channel in order to provide information for customers and partners. Once this step is complete, ADDEV seeks to enrich its customer’s experience through IOT solutions.  These solutions are designed to resell services and data to its customers/partners.

ADDEV wants to continue its external growth. To respond to this willingness, the connector catalogue will facilitate the integration of acquisitions to reduce time to market and partner costs.


The project was a success thanks to both the Crosscut® solution itself and the project altogether (Moskitos, Nuageo, Addev Materials). The flexibility provided by this organization gave us the opportunity to focus on business oriented added value rather than on technical issues (hybrid environment, technological gaps, etc.). The flexibility induced by Crosscut® enabled us to build strong integration patterns that will support future IS evolutions.

The crosscut solution allowed us to remove technical barriers to make it easier for business to innovate.

Building a strong database of data integration
Improved overall user confidence
Improvement of the overall quality of data exchanges