solution selected

A flow was installed via Crosscut® to create a data loop between Withings and L’Oréal. Withings sends the data coming from the brushes to Crosscut® and these data are then stored in a NoSQL base. Once the data have been processed by an algorithm, the platform sends them back to Withings in a specific format so that they can be interpreted and displayed in the mobile application; the entire process takes less than 3 minutes.


The sensors in the brush automatically transmit the data collected, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, to a dedicated mobile application which also takes into account weather related data such as the humidity and temperature, UV rays and the wind which can have an impact on the hairstyle and hair quality.
The mobile application analyses how users brush their hair and takes into account the habits and environment to provide valuable information, such as a hair quality index, data regarding the effectiveness of the brushing movement, tailored advice and personalised recommendations for Kérastase hair products and rituals. Simply brushing your hair will activate the data collection process.

Improved diagnosis and better recommendation for care
The customer experience is enhanced and loyalty optimised
Traffic re-created in the hairdressing salon
Optimisation of the diagnostic and customer advice
Optimisation of customer loyalty