The data from the patch via the mobile application are sent by Crosscut® to the L’Oréal Hadoop framework for processing and Big Data analysis. The data are then injected via Crosscut® into the different CRMs of the participating entities. The Ministry of Health has also launched, via Ipsos, a major statistical survey; these received data are also sent via Crosscut® to the research institute.


The consumer takes a photo of the patch and sends it to the My UV Patch La Roche-Posay application. The application analyses the data collected by the patch and encourages the consumers to protect themselves from the UV rays more effectively. The My UV Patch mobile app is available on iOS and Android. In order for the analysis to be as precise as possible, the patch must be worn on the back of the hand for a period of up to five days.

Adapted and personalised recommendations
Improvement in consumers’ health
The data can be accessed anywhere at any time